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#20 on being energised, managing energy, relationships and meeting your heroes

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1. On being energised

The mindset that we start the day with a full tank of energy and end with an empty one, doesn’t serve us.

The reality is that our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day.

And we don’t always start with a full tank.

But the reframe is realising that our energy is a renewable resource!

Sleep isn’t the only thing that energises us and there are activities that we can do during the day that will recharge our batteries i.e. GIVE us energy 🔋

By doing an energy audit of our schedules, as shared by Sahil Bloom here, we can find out the specific energy-draining, and energy-giving tasks.

Allowing us:

  • to be better informed about how to spend our time

  • and unlock new levels of productivity and happiness.

Because we can’t manage our time effectively without managing our energy!

And for those days when we wake up feeling tired, we can feel hopeful that there are specific things that we CAN do that will energise us.

2. On energy management

“Energy management is the key to productivity”

“An hour of doing deep work when your energy is high will be as effective as attempting the same task over four hours when your energy is low.”

- Simon Alexander Ong, p.144 of his book, Energize.

3. On putting relationships first

I have so much admiration for Sahil Bloom, and you’ll find out why in a second, but he very rightly suggests that we need to redefine what we think a wealthy life looks like.

When we are young, we forget that we are time billionaires, and when we are older, regardless of our net worth, money can’t buy us more time.

So which is more valuable? Which scoreboard do you measure your life with?

4. On meeting your heroes

Can I scream? AHHHH

I don’t know how to explain this, but my life has just changed.

I have this expansive feeling as if a new world has opened up and I feel so hopeful all of a sudden!

Sahil Bloom flew to London for an event with Ali Abdaal to:

  • Share 10 Life Lessons

  • Promote Ali’s new book: Feel Good Productivity - all about making productivity energising and well ‘feeling good’.

I was lucky to attend and meet my heroes, only to find out that they admire me back. Ali even has my visuals on his wall 🤯

*Huge respect*

They stood out in the cold for 2+ hours after the event to chat with everyone!

I also got to connect again with Simon Alexandar Ong, Michael Boorman, and meet Joe Gannon and some of you guys.

The whole experience has re-lit a fire inside of me ❤️‍🔥

It’s given me that confirmation to keep pushing, despite the challenges of self-employed life, because I trust that I am “onto something”…

The lesson: Make the effort to get out there!

Meet people you admire (even if it’s daunting), and connect, because it might just change your life, and the more you keep saying it, the more it will!

5. On Quoted Visually

Baby steps, but the Quoting Ideas Visually course is getting there.

IT IS HARD sustaining myself financially, now that I have reduced my freelance projects to develop the course.

But the opportunity to make an impact in the space, and help others feel that same unlock with visual communication feels huge.

A little teaser of what to expect:

If this sounds up your street:

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