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Floating Thoughts 006

Hey 630+ friends, it’s Hannah here from Quoted Visually!

Welcome to another issue of Floating Thoughts. I am really enjoying creating these for you 🤍

You’ve probably heard this quote by Benjamin Franklin:

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”

But in a society that celebrates busyness, it is very easy to just dive into our tasks without thinking about our direction or strategy.

After all, there is no time to stop, think or even breathe with the constant stream of things competing for our attention.

But a failure to plan leaves us at the mercy of autopilot or passing moods.

And for most of us, the cost of this is even bigger than we ever realise.

How to save time

Brian Tracy writes in his book, Eat That Frog:

If we can spend a short 10% of the time initially planning our tasks ahead of time, we can save as much as 90% of the time getting the job done.

This seems like a pretty compelling argument if you ask me.

So, it goes like this:

  • To succeed = be intentional

  • To be intentional = plan our days

  • To plan our days = set goals and targets.

Planning makes us schedule our dreams. A date in the diary becomes something to work backwards from.

This simple task can transform the airy fairy into something tangible.

Do you know what you are working towards?

⚙️ Resources

On the topic of planning, I created a simple daily planner, here.

If you are posting on social media, you may like Publer. After searching and searching, it is now my go-to scheduling platform:

Publer has some fun features such as a handy media library, bulk uploads, easy reposting and AI integrations. Sometimes it takes getting a new tool can inject a new lease of life into what we are doing.

And the best thing is it is super affordable compared to other options.

*This is an affiliate link. You can help support Quoted Visually!

🗞️ Update

And breathe…. I am just getting my bearings after attending my friend’s wedding in France 🏔️🇫🇷 

It was more than a wedding, it was a jam-packed 3-day event that included a mini Tour de France!

I watched in admiration as many of the wedding guests opted for the 2-3hr cycle up the hills in the heat, swapping smart attire for sporty gear.

I don’t speak French either, but during the hours of speeches at the ceremonies and gatherings, I found myself hearing the emotions much stronger.

From the watery eyes to the full-on cries, it was heartwarming to see so many people brought to tears (including myself) with love for the couple.

I could go on, but this particular pair inspire me endlessly, whether it is taking on adventures like swimming from Spain to Morocco or living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Having people like this in our lives can keep our fires burning. Keep those people close.

But also don’t feel don’t feel the pressure be them. Do the things that make you you, however big or small.

That’s a wrap. Thanks for being here!

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions, requests or feedback. I will respond at my earliest opportunity.

Big love,

Hannah aka Quoted Visually x

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