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I have been thinking about fluff, frills, and noise lately.

By fluff, I mean distractions - i.e. everything but the task we are trying to complete!

It’s easy to procrastinate and fixate on related tasks that feel productive but don’t actually move the needle.

But the key to success is to recognise when this is happening and act accordingly.

Prevent time from slipping away

In my case, launching my new website in Shopify has been slowed by some coding troubles. The simplest of features are taking lots of trial, error, and help from Chat GPT and family to build 😂

The project is expanding to fill more time than I had planned.

And I’m stuck in the fluff, losing my sense of direction and neglecting other tasks. There are two ways out:

  • Keep going for an undefined amount of time

  • Reduce the scope and wrap up the project.

The latter may seem like giving up, but compromising allows us to check in with our priorities.

We can always go back and iterate, but if we stay stuck in the weeds, blinded by fluff we risk:

  1. Losing sight of the bigger picture

  2. Stressing or burnout over the things that don’t matter.

Less but better

It is no secret, modern life is busy, but if we can get better at ‘subtracting’ rather than ‘adding’, we will feel better for it.

We can ask ourselves:

  1. How can I achieve the same outcome by doing less?

  2. What can I subtract from my offering that will make the product/ service even better?

This space for critical thinking allows us to cut out ‘what we think matters’ and focus on ‘what actually matters.’

If we don’t schedule this 1:1 time to reflect in our own company, how will know where to spend our time and energy?

💡 Inspiration

My lovely friend PJ was interviewed about ‘living a creative life’ on a podcast recently.

I felt as if the conversation got into the nuts and bolts of what I have been feeling lately but haven’t been able to articulate.

PJ talks about the importance of engaging with creativity to connect with ourselves, clear out the cobwebs in our minds and live a meaningful life.

He suggests that a creative practice can better our relationship with ourselves and with other people, ultimately leading to fulfilment!

I highly recommend you check out his newsletter too:

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🗞️ Update

My motto right now is ‘take some time to live a little’.

I just enjoyed a long weekend trip to Berlin and had the best time exploring the city and meeting up with my friend from uni.

Here is a snap of me in the sun embracing that ‘life is good’ feeling and also reflecting on the history of the city.

Lastly, my collabs with the inspirational Simon Alexander Ong are rolling out now. Are you sailing within the confines of your map, or venturing further out?

“Old maps don’t get us to new destinations” as the saying goes:

That’s a wrap. Thanks for being here!

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions, requests or feedback. I will respond at my earliest opportunity.

Big love,

Hannah aka Quoted Visually x

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